Side Effects

‘We broke up, yesterday’ said he, without the presence of any grimace, almost nonchalantly.

She was stupefied. It came to her out of the blue, maybe not. She did think about it on her preconscious level. But how was she supposed to know what she thought. She can barely think before she speaks. ‘Was it her father? I told you, he looks like medieval aristocrat who cannot accept the fact that he is a homosexual’, she put in brashly.

‘Oh, come on’, it’s not about that’, he answered hesitantly.

‘Then, was it about her glamorous leggings with those silly ankle pockets. When she stooped that low, what a magnificent sight for everyone to appreciate’, sniggering as she folded her linens in an old, sturdy, trolley case.

‘I don’t know. Let it be’, exasperated with his sister’s ludicrous prattling.

‘What do you mean, you don’t know. I need to know before I fly away from you’, she insisted.

‘I don’t know. You see, it’s like why we are in love. There’s no reason. I can’t tell why. There needs to be no reason for goodbyes just like, there needs to be no rationale for romance’, he answered bluntly.

‘I knew you are addicted to vanity. Especially pertaining to that of human relationships. You are complacent the either way. I get it. But, I don’t want you to end up all alone. You may be my rival as you put it one gloomy day but you are my brother’, she grew melancholic as she was addressing him. ‘I don’t know what to say to you sometimes. How can love and separation be all the same to you, how can you be so cruel?’, she grieved.

‘It is, my dear sister. Don’t worry about our goodbye. I shall visit you in December’, he masqueraded his affection as he spoke softly and hugged her.

He never visited her in December but as circumstances would have it, he reluctantly appeared at her doorstep due eight months with his new romantic endeavour. This one had comfy bosoms and had  perms, not sure if it was because of lack of a good bath or a bad stylish. Anyways she looked glossy, almost like a hooker, which his younger brother always seemed to prefer. She seemed a bit obnoxious at first glance but she had a way with speech, almost serene to listen to, but yes, she turned out to be obnoxious after a lovely dinner conversation.

‘An animal rights activist?’, she let a cry. ‘You don’t even like animals. What are you, a vegan now?’, almost frowning.

‘No, I like to think of myself as choosing a healthy lifestyle’. He said, calmly.

‘Oh, I shouldn’t even be surprised’, she gave a sigh. ‘Yes, Yes, we are all equal. Men are not superior to any creature. We all share the same destiny, eh’, she commented, as she did the dishes. He helped her. ‘Absolutely’,  he asserted.

‘That’s why it is up to humans, to be activists of such noble causes’, she replied promptly. Unaware that she was articulating the existential meaning of life from the viewpoint of a suicidal comedian.