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(Formed in 2010, Underside is a metal band from Nepal with influences from retro rock to old school thrash. Their much hyped debut EP, Welcome to the Underside was released on January 14, 2014) It Begins. To kick things off this track is a great start to the album. The psychedelic element is observing and enthralling. At the outset, it is a fitting title to the album, like calm before the storm. There is an immaculate synchronization of all instruments. Next track is Welcome to the Underside. One would probably be right to assert that it is their anthem. The thrash element is affluent while the song has the catch to be replayed again and again. After all, tracks like these have ascertained Underside as a diverse metal group. That’s the beauty of this well crafted album and of Underside as we have come to know them throughout the years, the dynamic undulation of sounds. The tracks All Notes Off and Pride affirm it. The lack of monotonous tracks that most metal albums on any genre tend to have is absent here which befittingly establishes them as the new “gotta listen” band in Nepal. Reveling in the success of their concerts for a couple of years, Underside has fulfilled the expectations that were laden upon them. The highlight of this album is All notes off. Where does one even begin to extol this track?  It’s sweet yet brutal and it’s soothing yet vehement. If the devil himself gave me a punishment that I could only listen to one freaking song for the rest of my long, insipid, miserable life, this would be that song. I mean, forget the Scandinavian or American metal groups, this is a proof that Nepali bands can now deliver. Out of seven tracks to this EP, Underside have recorded an amazing video to their fifth track, Disconnect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr1L4ezfVhM The next track Prototype is a neatly done track. It is tense, free flowing, pouty and beguiling. This is the coolest track on the album- I am an architect, I am my own prototype. To end things, Part Animal/Part Machine has inkling of atmospheric metal. The psychedelic quintessence to this outro certainly slithers into your mind. And you think you know these guys? Welcome to the Underside. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="264,265,266,270,271,272,273"] (Photos taken from their Facebook Page the Underside) You can listen to full Welcome to the Underside EP in their…

Silence Festival IV – Behemoth, Underside and Kathmandu

On a quiet winter afternoon, metalheads from Kathmandu reached the melancholic and apathetic venue of Bhrikuti Mandap. Like the heading of this music festival, it was ironic that this venue was selected as it was surrounded by big sturdy tropical trees and was adjacent to a number of social service centers; the festival reeked of Shakespearean comedy on the outset.By the time I had set foot on the venue Jugaa was already on stage. They labeled themselves as metallic hardcore band but they sounded more like old school black metal. They didn’t disappoint, headbangers aplenty already. The show had merely begun.   The next act of the day was from Newaz. When they finally tuned up their guitars and actually began playing, it was only fitting that they destroyed the mood of the audiences with some insipid rock songs and unwarranted guitar leads although the bassist was later acknowledged for his talent and non poseur ease.  I say it was only fitting because all programs in Nepal are imperfect. It’s like… the quintessence of our lives are based on jangling chords.  Apart from such deviant music that metal heads were not expecting, the wanna be “Kirk Hammett” should be shown gratitude to, since, afternoon tea could be well enjoyed by dark long haired doppelgangers as well. Events like these leave memorable mark on the audience and as always, from the oblivion, a band always manages to rise above expectation. To tell you the truth, Derrick was a band unheard of. The three members had performed at the pervious Silent Festival from different bands and this time around they had managed to put an awesome show ranging from techno to deep death metal shit. At times I had absolutely no idea what genre the song fit into, like as if they were the three pagan sons of Vikerness himself. These three guys lifted the throng up and although there was time for Wall of Death, it was sava time.   This is what the official website of the event described their music as: “A vitaminized powertrio ( drums, guitar/bass, box ) composting all rock'n roll references, Derrick is an u.f.o which produce vibrations in the air that your eardrums never felt before… excepted if you saw Primus on amphetamines… or Converge playing traditional french folk”. I hope they come again next year. Sunday morning love you, Monday morning love you……. I thought they were going…