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Nepal: Gulab ko Kaada

Big Brother vs Big Bully “The Pahadi elites have always created the notion of anti-India in Nepal which the people of Nepal needs to understand”. This is the summary of most Indian diplomats and media personals when they infer the recent political situation in Nepal. Or is it? What Indian commentators should quintessentially understand is that Nepal hasn’t gone anti Indian but with the ghastly realization that Nepalese are ultra-dependent on India for almost everything, the people have chosen to go pro-Nepal. With a big help from the Modi government, which is treating SAARC like his own party, and Nepal as a buffer state of India, things are going really critical for him to handle. Well, at least pervious Indian governments with their own ingenuity and collective political greed of Nepalese politicians had the situation well under control. The Modi government has not only unified the people of this country but to our own amazement, even these so-called democrats, communists and ethnic leaders. (more…)