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The National Anthem

I feel that I am living in really hard times here in Kathmandu albeit it’s our capital city. You know, not inflation or investment or earthquake or politics wise but sleep wise. Every early morning, I am chanced to a predicament. A school has shifted in the neighborhood and each morning, before their classes resume, they have a school assembly, where of course, they play the national anthem. But what bothers me is the fact that our glorious anthem is played on a giant of a loudspeaker. Very well, it’s our national anthem, so, should I stand up from my bed, erect with hands folded on my chest and sing along to it patriotically every morning  or should I do something about it? Now since I am a spiteful rascal, I feel it to be disrespectful of them to create noise pollution in the neighborhood. Yes, it’s a national anthem but it’s also a disturbance especially when one is sleeping and the national music is blasted to create havocs on your conscience.  Whatever! So, one morning, they, as usual, played it loud and clear. On my resentful whims, I got up from bed and threw the damn pillow at the window grating but after realizing that it won’t have any desirable effect, I stomped to the telephone and dialed 100. A lady answered, “This is the Nepal Police, and how can we be at your service?” “I have complain to make” I replied curtly. “What is your complain, sir” she inquired. “Ummmm........, they are playing the national anthem!” Tuuut tuuut tuuut tuuut tuuut………….. (The telephone line went dead) [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5j2G09bxJR4[/embed] Oh, Cool!

Satya, Sewa, Surakchyanam

I have never met people so humble and inviting like the Tharus of western Nepal. How can I even begin to extoll them, such an innocent social group, marginalized and historically neglected. I’ve had my share of moments with these hospitable, sprightly people and today I hear their misdoings.  Having murdered eighteen policemen along with a Senior Superintendent of Police and in the meantime, torching one officer alive, it is a black day in our history as diverse and tolerant citizens, we endure one predicament after another. But fellow citizens, before jumping into conclusions, we better comprehend the situation properly and somewhat historically for we are humans and judging our way through the clouds of sympathy and derision is what we regularly do. No, Tharus didn’t kill these on duty police officers whom we have come to adore after the devastating earthquake. A crowd of this certain social group did those killings. One should not generalize when it comes to politically/socially-motivated actions towards demonstrative reactions. The demand for a Tharuhat Province is not irrational because they do have a sizeable population and what is irrational is that the politicians have appeared to deflect from their stratagem of division on the basis of Identity or/and Capability. This indigenous ethnic group is also called ‘Forest People’ because of their historical land holdings inside the dense jungles of Nepal. These aboriginal Terai settlers have been very much isolated, politically, until recently. Nepal Police nor the APF is not well equipped to sustain large-scale demonstrations and especially in the dubious borders of India. Were the culprits really Tharus? People have wondered. Privation and Oppression cannot justify murders but Social Justice in Nepal is a bitch. According to CBS (2011), they are the second largest ethnic group in Nepal. And seriously, no autonomy for them seems irrational and blood boiling in these precarious and critical moments of our nation. So, what Capability what Identity are we talking here. Social movements occur in chain reaction to the prior idiotic or some portentous event. And before declaring Province No. 7 or even before Province declaration, what were the Foursome (Prachanda, Oli, PM and Gacchadhar) smoking on the round table. Seriously, with all their conniving experience in politics and haughty personalities, they couldn’t see it aggravating the reaction. Development hasn’t helped their cause. After declaring the nation, malaria-free during the 50’s, people immigrated to Terai to claim it’s fertile…