Silence Fest: Jindabad, Divine Influence & Day 1

BHRIKUTI MANDAP. On a rather hot, autumn October, Silence Festival-V has kick started. In the morning Nepal Inked, a tattoo fiesta for those who were interested to ink their skin, took the center stage. In afternoon the annual concert was held.  And thus, Silence has now gained its unabating momentum.

After a notably lengthy, tuning session and paraphernalia decorative, opening act of the Festival, Antyesti, a Kathmandu based Experimental/Technical Death metal band stormed the venue with its shrilling vocals and fast paced tracks.  With their original songs (including Alien Invasion) they also covered Necrophagist and Dying Fetus. When the sun is high and the crowd is languid, Antyesti commenced with a fine performance for other bands to follow. Continue reading Silence Fest: Jindabad, Divine Influence & Day 1

Divine Influence – ScareCrow

On the eve of Silence Festival-V, Kathmandu based Groove Metal band, Divine Influence has released their new video ‘Scarecrow’. They have raised the stakes higher for tomorrow and metal fans will surely be looking forward to see them perform after this bombshell of a song. They have been listed to play on Day 1 of this annual festival.

The Festival will be headlined by Djent pioneers SIKTH.

YouTube Channel: Divine Influence Nepal

Like them on their Facebook Page: Divine Influence