The kingdoms that summer’s been
diminishes great sorrows seen,
in every leaves feverish and pale
shows luminious green flare,
and the sky, which darkness sought
of every battle, the sun rays fought,
dances with a maiden, victory sweet
has every rose vigour lit,
brings this radiant summer.

Glorious and eternal joys
sun is the master, we are its toys.


A feeling in Vain

Slumbering into the arms

Of angel of death

I ask him

If he feels the pain

He replies –

Pain is all but

A feeling in vain

Leave it to time

As, what is today

Won’t be tomorrow

And what tomorrow brings

Is uncertain.

A Momentary Lapse

If the world you are living in
Rejects the pain from your suffering
As illusionary insanity,
Make a move, have a plea
To your best friend, a loaded gun
And reach out for the shining sun.

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A Dead poem

Inside the mind of the dead,
No love, no envy, desire for bread;
No tears drop from his closed eyes,
Darkness and void are the blue skies.

When he was still young,
Hedonism was his aim,
But now that he’s gone,
No pleasure, numbness or pain.

True Love

In sooth, tell me why

You love me so.

Is it,  for I am wild

Or is it that you are blue,

Tell me honest, my lovely child

Tell me that  you have no clue.