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The annus horribilis has passed so swiftly that on its eve I come to realize how important our lives really are.  Neither had I any time to reflect nor did I care to engulf myself into this sweet disposition I so much used to obsess over. A year of action. A year of service. A year of unity and revival. For someone who lives most of his time ruminating the existential paradoxes and divine comedies, it was a year worth having lived and most importantly, having survived a melodramatic one.  Here are six conclusions from a melodramatic Nepali myself:  (more…)

‘Please arrest me Officer – I play Futsal!’

In the most sensational of news arising from Kathmandu, the police has banned futsal activities in effect from today. In the most idiotic of decision making by the organs of government, it should not come as a surprise to many but I am rather taken aback due to my love for football, the beautiful game. In the most humble of manners, I say, ‘Fuck You’. So, there should be reasons that should provide ample justification to this ‘prohibition’ right? So, here’s the deal according to media outlets: “Nepal Police has prohibited futsal activities in the Capital following several complaints from guardians. SSP Bikram Singh Thapa said the decision to ban futsal courts was taken after guardians complained of betting, use of drugs and distraction from studies in futsal courts” The Kathmandu Post “Residents nearby of some futsal courts had filed complaints with police that the players obstructed peace and order of the society. The courts would be allowed to resume their activities once the authorities prepare some sorts of rules and regulations regarding their operation, according to the police official” It’s with a shameful of heart and reproachful of mind I write this. I worry about such parent’s sense of reality and what future their children are going to live in. Yes, the concern is authentic but in earnest, you better be more concerned about the schools or colleges where they study, their use of internet and friends/peer group with whom they share their current lives with. If your kid is genuine then s/he doesn’t need no futsal arena to be distracted from their study to acquire drugs of any sorts or try their hands on betting. It is appalling that such complaints go a long way into hampering the lives of other citizens in majority who enjoy a good hour of futsal on a daily or weekly basis. One may ban entering the Tudhikhel also, for it is a big futsal ground to people of all ages. Apropos to the residents complaining of the futsal courts obstructing peace and order, that’s where I find my peace. In a capital city where big buildings are erected overnight to use as educational institutions and shopping malls rarely get this limelight. I am sure hundreds of complaints are lodged by the local populace regarding noise and disturbance coming from them and why aren’t they ‘prohibited’ and why “some sorts of rules and…

Nepal: Gulab ko Kaada

Big Brother vs Big Bully “The Pahadi elites have always created the notion of anti-India in Nepal which the people of Nepal needs to understand”. This is the summary of most Indian diplomats and media personals when they infer the recent political situation in Nepal. Or is it? What Indian commentators should quintessentially understand is that Nepal hasn’t gone anti Indian but with the ghastly realization that Nepalese are ultra-dependent on India for almost everything, the people have chosen to go pro-Nepal. With a big help from the Modi government, which is treating SAARC like his own party, and Nepal as a buffer state of India, things are going really critical for him to handle. Well, at least pervious Indian governments with their own ingenuity and collective political greed of Nepalese politicians had the situation well under control. The Modi government has not only unified the people of this country but to our own amazement, even these so-called democrats, communists and ethnic leaders. (more…)

Why I Will Not Sign Any Petitions against the Indian Blockade

As proud as a Nepali can be, I refuse to sign any internet petitions against the Indian Blockade. This may seem contrary to what now passes as a patriot, the sheer anti-India conception. One need not be against Indian governments (past and present) to be a patriot, one simply needs to be a true self of what one believes in, for identity is acquired not ascribed. Nepalese people have been known for two things: Laughter and Guts. Laughter is our meaning to life while Guts provides the fuel necessary for such a mirth. I don’t believe in opening up the transit points because it will make us ultra-dependent on India once again. Yes, the blockade is illegal but it is also revelatory to Nepalese consciousness. In the name of helping its neighbors, Indian governments have offered loans, bi-lateral agreements, investments, multi-million projects to Nepal, and shamefully, we have accepted it as a token of goodwill since Day 1 (First Five Year Plan, 1956). One thing that I have come to observe is that International politics is never about politics, it is always economic in nature, protecting one’s investments through any means necessary; corruption, nepotism, destruction of local businesses, dependence on third parties, direct/indirect political interference among others, which we are well acquainted with. Look what we have to show for ourselves!  Lofty stories of Gurkha Regiments and a melting Mt. Everest. A mere 5.1% of GDP and $2400 for GDP per capita (CIA World Fact Book, 2014) and other low, insipid data and charts representing bleakness of our plight. Once the blockade is undone, we are going to be back on the same path. One shouldn’t care about what India speaks and interprets but what we as a nation stand for. When I thought about Nepal it was a hopeless case of unity. I thought we are never going to be a united country, having more than a hundred of ethnic groups and 123 languages spoken (CBS, 2011), without an element that could unify, we were a doomed nation. One can argue that anti-Indian sentiments are unifying elements but what commences from hate never bodes well. One should plainly refute it on the grounds of propriety. Then a miracle happened, Earthquake! Which symbolizes the path that we should tread on. The destruction of past faults to create new. Never had Nepal been so unified as a nation. The spirit still…

Satya, Sewa, Surakchyanam

I have never met people so humble and inviting like the Tharus of western Nepal. How can I even begin to extoll them, such an innocent social group, marginalized and historically neglected. I’ve had my share of moments with these hospitable, sprightly people and today I hear their misdoings.  Having murdered eighteen policemen along with a Senior Superintendent of Police and in the meantime, torching one officer alive, it is a black day in our history as diverse and tolerant citizens, we endure one predicament after another. But fellow citizens, before jumping into conclusions, we better comprehend the situation properly and somewhat historically for we are humans and judging our way through the clouds of sympathy and derision is what we regularly do. No, Tharus didn’t kill these on duty police officers whom we have come to adore after the devastating earthquake. A crowd of this certain social group did those killings. One should not generalize when it comes to politically/socially-motivated actions towards demonstrative reactions. The demand for a Tharuhat Province is not irrational because they do have a sizeable population and what is irrational is that the politicians have appeared to deflect from their stratagem of division on the basis of Identity or/and Capability. This indigenous ethnic group is also called ‘Forest People’ because of their historical land holdings inside the dense jungles of Nepal. These aboriginal Terai settlers have been very much isolated, politically, until recently. Nepal Police nor the APF is not well equipped to sustain large-scale demonstrations and especially in the dubious borders of India. Were the culprits really Tharus? People have wondered. Privation and Oppression cannot justify murders but Social Justice in Nepal is a bitch. According to CBS (2011), they are the second largest ethnic group in Nepal. And seriously, no autonomy for them seems irrational and blood boiling in these precarious and critical moments of our nation. So, what Capability what Identity are we talking here. Social movements occur in chain reaction to the prior idiotic or some portentous event. And before declaring Province No. 7 or even before Province declaration, what were the Foursome (Prachanda, Oli, PM and Gacchadhar) smoking on the round table. Seriously, with all their conniving experience in politics and haughty personalities, they couldn’t see it aggravating the reaction. Development hasn’t helped their cause. After declaring the nation, malaria-free during the 50’s, people immigrated to Terai to claim it’s fertile…