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About Us

The Kathmandudes is an online community for storytellers, poets and artists.  It is a platform is for un-like minded people to come together for a common goal of exploring, sharing and collaborating with each other.

We accept fiction, non-fiction, narcissistic opinions, poems, arts, and album/concert/book reviews. We don’t mind your occasional promotions via your own posts.

You can just write us your idea and tell us what you want us to do so that you get your work not just published but also promoted, like shamelessly.

For people who don’t want to share their work with us, you can simply go to the Forum section and post links to your own site/blog/FB/IG page as a part of promoting your work.

We do not endorse any communities or businesses which have nothing to do with our above mentioned interests.

Greet. Meet. Collaborate. Explore. Share


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