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BHRIKUTI MANDAP. On a rather hot, autumn October, Silence Festival-V has kick started. In the morning Nepal Inked, a tattoo fiesta for those who were interested to ink their skin, took the center stage. In afternoon the annual concert was held.  And thus, Silence has now gained its unabating momentum.

After a notably lengthy, tuning session and paraphernalia decorative, opening act of the Festival, Antyesti, a Kathmandu based Experimental/Technical Death metal band stormed the venue with its shrilling vocals and fast paced tracks.  With their original songs (including Alien Invasion) they also covered Necrophagist and Dying Fetus. When the sun is high and the crowd is languid, Antyesti commenced with a fine performance for other bands to follow.

Following the ferocious velocity of fellow Death metallers was The Exorcist.  Also, a Death Metal band, they were just the band to pump up the metalheads who were rather scavenging for a cooler spot inside the venue, spacious yet drudgerous.  With the advent of The Exorcist, dark haired doppelgangers and erratic metalheads started to show some movement. Still, the Pit remained elusive. The Exorcist were full of energy and their tracks were full of classic Death metal elements.

The third act of the day was Divine Influence, a Groove metal band. Much recognized than the former brethrens of metal.  Having released its new video , ScareCrow, on the eve of Silence, much was anticipated and they lived up to the expectations.  A brief Mosh was instigated and the horns slowly ascended along with incessant headbangs as the crowd reacted joyously to their sleek performance, precise drumming and heavy-metalesque leads, sporadic and laudatory.

A sharp voiced lady announced, ‘…..due to technical difficulties Mahadev Cometo (Switzerland) and Cheisrah (India) wouldn’t be about to play today’. Hisses and arghs were audible throughout the crowd and suddenly, ‘The final band for today will be Jindabad’.  

The crowd bellowed in excitement and every single bystander, stoners, drunks, trippers and sobers were on their feet. Respect. The time had finally come.

The last act, Jindabad was welcomed with applause and growls. The fabulous Sunny Tuladhar, Rohit Shakya and Co. were back after a year hiatus. Nerves  coiled, breaths paused and hearts grew heavy as they ascended the pulpit. The post-altArt rock band completed the smorgasbord and performed some great tracks including Big Fucking Mess and their first Nepali single, Jindabad. What can one say about the excitement they brought that would not spill into superlatives. They concluded the day with people’s favourite, Rewind.


Tomorrow, Sikth and The Algorithm shall headline the event and Kathmandu is more than ready.

Hell Yeah!

The review of second day of Silence has been published here at Madeinepal.


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