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Normal People


The lust for endearment

Reeks that foul scent

Of narcissistic men

Who assert that they are sane.

And obsequious women

Glorious in their games

Of flits and nimble snares .

Can they love or can they pray?

One cannot say, for their utter dismay.


Alice in Wonderland


When the music stops

And a tiny pill pops .

Just one to make you far sighted

Or make you blind

And from your bosom

You pity the kind.

What would you do

When they run behind

Leaving you marooned in an island

Would you seek for the sinking sand.





I need a means to gratify

As heavens look too shy

For my demons to love

Love me, feed me, by Jove!


The hour of darkness descends

For you and this plague to end

Am I sorry to rape your daughter ?

I’d do it if you had another!


And one day, you will come to me

For all your desire to see

Would you leave me for my sins

Or kill me for my distorted means.



On Failure


More that you take

The less you make,

Our world is a prism

Burgeoning love’s spasm.

Leave me now

For I will be yours

Love me tender

And you won’t be cured.


I am a dwarf.


Assorted noose

In my mind’s sinews

Take up your arms

And murder your loved one

Isn’t it love

To release them of the green beacon!







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