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There will always be people around us, hypocrites, posers, predictable scumbags of the world, people who will feed us with what they believe and how their belief is guided, what inspires them and what makes them so practical. These are the people who will feed us with their inferior complex; their latent self esteem,  dull attitudes . If they think they cannot do it, you cannot do it either.  Each day couple of Hemingway’s die,  hundreds of Tony Stark’s eliminated, thousand’s of  Steve Jobs  murdered and millions of Lionel Messi  give up simply because someone doesn’t believe that you cannot achieve greatness or even a faction of it. Each day a dream is shattered, a heart broken. Why? Because each day you are surrounded by hypocrites, posers and predictable scumbags of the world. Every now and then your idea is killed even before it is born in your head. Here’s to the flawed son, reluctant daughter and an unwanted creep. Here’s to the dreamers and doers, the Nikola Tesla’s and Cristiano Ronaldo’s.


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