A Scavenger Among Us

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There lived, among us, a certain character whose ideal in life was to scavenge and devour the generosity of mild mannered common folks. This scavenger wasn’t just a salvager of human propriety which he very well knew were fragile and faint hearted leading towards baseless human emotions of such inclinations.  Such were his preys’.  The scrounger knew too well who and why the victims met his criteria for he was meticulous in observation and had the intuition to figure out his probable fatalities.  He was a natural. The moral stagnation to act and in some cases, even perceive discourteous and unruly penchants is the essence of such fatalities. And if given the suitable circumstance, this scavenger of timorous souls can rise above his own pay grade and devour the whole of what can be consumed. The lack of propriety or should I say, the ability to rummage through its victims is surely to have been established in its own social protocol rather than cognitive causes. In a sense I pity such privy soul but such headless masquerader cannot be tolerated among egotistical and emotionally unstable personality such as myself. So one day I decided to call upon this character and inculcate a sense of civility inside him. It was a soggy morning and I provided him with bread. It was a gloomy afternoon and I provided him with warmth. It ensued to be a rainy night and I provided him with a roof. Throughout the time I spoke about virtues and impulses, I lucidly expounded the ideas of Socrates and Sartre and I also managed to divulge and apprehend him with some contemporary issues trending in our own backyard. After some short while I realized, that ungrateful illusionist had managed to sneak into my own brain and robbed me of my enlightened soul by sharing my own comprehensions as his own. And what more! I was inculcated to my own opinions and comprehensions in public by this character taking all the plaudits.  It was a silly idea from my part to have even contemplated inculcating a salvager. As my wise grandfather fist pumping against the air as it were face had once asserted, “Don’t provide them with everything you know! You remember, always say less than necessary”.


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