The Two “Stoned” Poems

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Title One: The Diamond Song


Restriction in perception

Of my gun

Makes it shoot

The old boot.

Disturbed memory function

Makes me brood

Call the teacher

M’ just another litter.

Brain in my stomach

Pain in my brain

Makes me wonder

Where’s the bathroom again.

I know the dumb light

Has no sight

Meddle with darkness

Where I slumber, stoned face.

Shine! Darkness, Shine!

Brighter than the light

Higher then the kite

Shine Darkness! Sun bright.


Heat the seed

Place the beat

Hold the needle

Throw me away

To an asylum in heaven.

The rain stops

Little ants clear their way

Birds enchant the skies

The scarlet evil eyes

Muse my mind.


Title Two: Dinner Time


I looked into my dish

And found a fried fish

Poor little silver trout

Was no game for human bout.


I ate the little creature

The smell had me lure

And filled my hungry need

Without a guilt’s creed.


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