The Perks of Being A Restless Sapient

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There are times in life when a person is highly revered for his impulsive virtuosity. This is the kind of impressive and obviously god gifted individual that the others find highly tempting. Tempting to fall for, to be intimidated by, to be loved for, to be admired for the opacity of the unanticipated commotion that one can create and certainly tempting to be felt envious of.  Proves, to have a billion friends one must have a couple of million enemies. And when one shall be indiscreet at an unfavorable circumstance then one must pay the price of such and such imprudence that one had assumed. At such gloomy consequence one is often betrayed by a Judas, the trusted and most reliable person who, like a vulture has waited for this particular time when its enemy has eclipsed discretion as its virtue and this experience of being ambient with patience has made the villain more unyielding. Perseverance makes a man prudent.

There may be unforeseen and unimagined perks to one’s intrinsic and spontaneous virtuosity but “with great power comes great responsibility”, once Uncle Ben asserted to the indiscreet and naively cynical Peter Parker. What happened to Benjamin Parker was solely the blame of his niece who didn’t heed the wise words. And every revered personality was once an imprudent yet limitless child and when the envious friend had striped him of this veneration of which it is known to this conscious brilliant mind, the celebrated and the virtuous rises from its own ashes like the Phoenix rises. The solicitation of the legend is intrinsic to all the insane people who dare to transcend the frontier of our evil institution known as society. “Much madness is divinest sense”, Emily Dickinson.


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